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>> Anybody tried measuring the syllable rate in Ithkuil? I guess it's about
>> ten
>> per minute in fast tonguetwisted speech - for about ten thousand in Italian
>> :)
>I don't know what do you mean? What we are talking about is that the
>syllable can't be measured. If you don't believe, just try the repeat 'ten'
>and 'ted' twenty times, both of them are one syllable, both of them are CVC
>but they should cost different time.

Yes, that was exactly my point. The Ithkuil language packs up a max of
information into each syllable at the cost of having to distinguish a lot of
different phonemes and clusters, which may slow down speech to the point
that it has no advantage of speed over multisyllabic languages with lighter

I'd like to ask you a question if you don't mind. I was in a discussion
about inclusive and exclusive pronouns recently, and I'd wish to know if the
pronoun "" is widely used in Standard Mandarin. Thanks!
Yes, in Standard Mandarin "" means ‘we’ it inclusive you. While "" means ‘we’ not inclusive you.