Gary Shannon wrote:

> It's not quite complete, but it has been raining like
> crazy here for the last three days, and I had nothing better
> to do than work on my first "formal" grammar
> sketch.
> This is the first time I've gotten this organized about
> a conlang project! I'm kind of excited about it, hehe.
> Anyway, if anyone would like to take a look, it's at
> <> Comments
> welcome.

It's looking a lot more interesting than on first impression in you various posts.  I'm detecting a lot of Sanskrit-- did you mention that previously?

I'm wondering if the accent marks are really necessary. It look like pretty regular penultimate stress. Are there actually any words with final or ante-penultimate stress? Perhaps they're the only ones that need to be marked.

Re accent marks: are you using "US-International" keyboard setting? Among other things, it makes the single-quote a dead key to produce the acute accent '+a >  etc.; only problem is you have to remember to hit the space bar if it's a real single- or double-quote preceding a vowel. And you can type the accented chars. in the search-box (as to other search functions, I know not....)