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> It's looking a lot more interesting than on first
> impression in you various posts.  I'm detecting a lot
> of Sanskrit-- did you mention that previously?
> I'm wondering if the accent marks are really necessary. It
> look like pretty regular penultimate stress. Are there
> actually any words with final or ante-penultimate stress?
> Perhaps they're the only ones that need to be marked.
> Re accent marks: are you using "US-International" keyboard
> setting? 

Thanks for having a look. Yes, the roots are inspired by Sanskrit and Pali, but I'm trying to just be "inspired" by them, and not just copy them. I collect several Sanskrit and Pali words with meaning similar to what I'm looking for and then mine them for bits and pieces that I pull out and change around before using as roots.

That's a good point on the accents. I put them in for instructional purposes only. The dictionary doesn't have them, nor do any of my other notes. However, some derivational suffixes have two syllables, causing the accented syllable to become ante-penultimate, but you're right, I could mark those as a special case.

Take for example the verb from the root bát = báto "to believe". Then if I add the suffix for "doer" of the action, i.e. "believer" I get bátora, which is no longer penultimate.

I'm using a normal keyboard on a PC and using the "alt" key to enter the accented vowels. alt0225 = á, alt0233 = é, alt0137 = í, alt0243 = ó, alt0250 = ú.