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> Appositives, Gary?
> "My son, the doctor, went to town."
> And the Englishly ambiguous:
> "My son, the doctor, and I went to town."

(Latest version of the rules at <> with two new rules added today for quantifiers and for "prepositions" formed of phrases, like "at a significant distance from" .

"My son, the doctor, went to town."

Rule 2: N can be augmented by at most one O, which must follow N

N => NO

Rule 3: O is at least P, and P can be augmented by one N, one J, or one A which follows P.

N => NO => NPA

Rule 1: An Assertion A must be at least SV. SV can be augmented with any number of O, which can come before, between, or after SV:

N => NO => NPSVO => NPSVPN => NPSVN (The preposition/particle symbolized here as "" does not exist in English)
So SVO => [NPSVO] VO => [My son which he is  a doctor] went to town.