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>> And probably a significant reason why auxlangs will never catch on
>> with the general population. English language Grammar Nazis can be bad
>> enough, but Auxlang Nazis are the worst.
> Concurred, though your use of the word "Nazi" raises a bullshit flag
> in me.  Such usage is disrespectful towards the victims of the *real*
> Nazis.

No disrespect intended. This is said in the spirit of Seinfeld's "Soup
Nazi", <> and in keeping with
the common usage on many, if not most, English-language
non-linguistics forums and mailing lists where the term "Grammar Nazi"
(as defined here
is used without any intended reference to anything connected with or
relating to real-world Nazis.

On the subject of language purity, here's a very interesting attempt
to cleanse English of  such contaminants as Latin, Greek, and French
words. <,M1>