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> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 10:37 AM, Jim Henry <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> As more films and TV shows occasionally follow the example of Star
>> Trek in hiring people to create conlangs for background material, it
>> would probably be good for us to work on setting some kind of
>> professional standards or at least educating people about where to go
>> for good conlang design.
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> Speaking of that, it strikes me that LCS is the perfect vehicle to alert the various studios of the vast resources available.  A lot more practical than all of us moving to LA and hanging out in their cafeterias.
> Personally, I'd give my eye-teeth to see any of my langs. used, and I'm sure I'm not alone there..  I'd also give maybe a testicle (pretty irrelevant anymore) to see Kash people appear in a Star Trek episode......... I seem to recall a guy in a sort-of lion mask in one scene somewhere, but that's not Kash, and he didn't have a speaking part.
> Paramount, please visit Cindu, the garden spot of the Universe....

This is something we've discussed, but it's a difficult question just
pragmatically. We'd be happy to do so if we knew how to.

Assume for a minute that you could decide what the LCS did, and had
the same (scant) resources as we actually do. How would you go about
"alerting the studios" to this?

TTBOMK the only way to do so effectively is to
a) be the first hit on Google when some intern goes to look for
someone to make it, or
b) have personal connections to people in the studios, so they mention
you when it's being discussed

We're working on (a) - suggestions for how to do it better always
appreciated - but we simply don't have (b) AFAIK.

Do you have any better ideas?

Incidentally, one thing we got just recently - made principally by Don
Boozer & Sylvia Sotomayor - is a little flyer to pass out or otherwise
make available at general geek-oriented conventions. It's posted on

Together with that, we want to make a set of pages off our front page
that direct people to friendly explanations, e.g.:
* what are conlangs?
* how do I make something just for naming and short phrases?
* how do I start an full-scope conlang?
* how do I elaborate a conlang to have more depth?
* what are various things I might want to do, and how do I do them?
(e.g. naturalism, regularity, ease of learning, etc)
* how can I just hire someone to make a conlang for me?
* what do I need to know to write an article about conlanging & whom
can I interview?
* etc

(This would of course try to avoid or NPOV anything controversial,
e.g. the whole auxlang wars over what constitutes a good set of
phonemes for ease of learning; we can however give a guide to what the
extant thoughts are, the pros and cons, etc.)

Basically, there's a lot of material out there right now, but it's
pretty poorly organized for someone who wants to just read something
and understand it; you have to essentially do research and compile a
bunch of disparate sources. We could do that and provide a friendlier
portal to conlanging (while still referring people to all the usual

This is the difference between simply saying "here's a stack of books
on linguistics and conlanging, go look through them" and giving
someone a guided tour. We already have the former, but not really the

One page (for journalists) is already done - If you're interested in helping write
the rest, please email me.

- Sai