I was reading something Jim wrote to me in gjax-zym-byn, and thinking
about how of course it's much easier to read a language than to write
in it.  I can read gzb well enough with the dictionary, even though I
can hardly say anything.  So I thought that a fun way to learn each
other's conlangs could be to have a bilingual conversation where each
person wrote in their own language.

Perhaps it could work as a group activity too-- we could set up a
bilingual Klingon/Lojban list, for instance.  Come to think of it,
almost all of the conlang lists are bilingual, but it's always
conlang+natlang (usually English, but I know Lojban at least has
sleepy French and Spanish forums).  Why not try conlang+conlang, too?

I had an absurd thought that you could take it further, and have one
big group multilingual conversation where everyone spoke in their own
language.  Of course no one would understand more than a tiny slice of
it.  Perhaps people could also provide glossaries, interlinears or
translations to some intermediary language (English, most likely) to
facilitate conversation.

I just think it could be cool, to have one person say their language's
version of "yo wazzup" and then someone else responds with their
language's version of "not much, dog".