On Thu, 28 May 2009 14:15:21 -0700, Gary Shannon wrote:

> [...]
> We like to think of the craft of movie making as art, but for anyone
> who's ever been anywhere near the making of such art, it's art at
> breakneck speeds, it's art on a crushing deadline, it's art with a
> producer breathing down the back of your neck HOURLY. It's nothing at
> all like conlanging the way we think of it. Most (if not all)
> conlangers would probably find it an uncomfortable, and extremely
> stressful way to work.

Indeed, and that's the reason why I am not sure whether I want to
be listed on such a referral service at all.  Working for Hollywood
would probably involve impossibly tight deadlines and no appreciation
of what it means to craft a good conlang.  I'd have to bang something
up in a haste which I'd probably regret that I had made it afterwards.

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