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> wrote:
>>> would probably involve impossibly tight deadlines and no appreciation
>>> of what it means to craft a good conlang.  I'd have to bang something

> Movie producers' etc. desiderata for a conlang to be used in their work will
> probably overwhelmingly relate to things superficially noticeable by a lay
> audience, such as what it sounds like, what it looks like written, perhaps a
> seems less likely.)  Accordingly you could do your construction modularly.
> Develop the morphology, syntax, lexicon with placeholders for forms, ...
> carefully and well in advance.  Then, when the request comes in, spend a day
> or two on phonology and script, run a word generator program to fill in the
> phaceholders in the lexicon, and voila.

That sounds like a good idea; I think I might do
that at some point -- probably not till after the second
inverse relay is over.   I don't have any conlangs
well enough developed and non-private enough
to license for media use, but I think some of the
incompletely developed or poorly-documented
conlangs I have could be gotten into shape for
this kind of purpose in less than a year; at that
point I would probably offer them for such use.

Re: Sai's earlier question about what information
to give about conlangers who are offering their
services to movie studios, etc. -- I suggest that the
page list people's relevant credentials and
achievements in some fairly neutral way -- what relevant education
they have (degree(s) in
linguistics or study of particular natlangs or
education, e.g.), what languages they've
seriously if informally studied on their own, what conlangs they've
created and what other people
have said about them (quote specific people,
preferably ones who aren't on the LCS board
for neutrality's sake perhaps, saying specific
things; e.g. what John Quijada said about
Henrik's Qthyn|gai during LCC2, if someone
can find said quote in the audio or video footage,
or what David says about Kelen or Ithkuil or Teonaht
in his "Smiley Award" review essays), what experience
they've had at language teaching (in case the studio
wants them to coach the actors on pronunciation,
for instance, or teach the screenwriters enough
grammar that they can write their own dialogue
instead of sending it all to the conlanger to be
translated), etc.

Jim Henry