On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 7:47 PM, Brett Williams <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> ...... So I thought that a fun way to learn each
> other's conlangs could be to have a bilingual conversation where each
> person wrote in their own language.
> Perhaps it could work as a group activity too-- we could set up a
> bilingual Klingon/Lojban list, for instance.  Come to think of it,

The tokipona mailing list has postings in toki pona,
Esperanto, English, and occasionally Spanish.
The AUXLANG list fairly often has postings in
various (mostly Euroclone) auxlangs, as well
as a few natlangs besides English; and there's
a "bablo" mailing list at Google Groups where
all the posts are in some auxlang or other
(again, mostly Euroclones in the broadest and
least pejorative sense of the term).

I like the idea of postings in conlangs on
mailing lists like this and other discussion fora.
Jim Hopkins and Tony Harris fairly often post
to the ZBB in their conlangs Itlani and Alurhsa,
with translations into English; I've less often
posted there in gzb & English.

Maybe we can do something like this on
the relay list leading up to the inverse relay,
or on the conlang_learners list (unless
someone has a better name for it?) leading
up to the vote where we decide which conlang
we're all going to learn...?

(BTW, re: the let's-all-learn-somebody's-conlang
project: If no one has a better idea for the
name of the list or a better proposal for where
to host it within the next week or so, I'll create a
conlang_learners list at Google Groups on
or about June 8.   Then we can start promoting
the project on various other conlang-related
lists and fora.)

Jim Henry