On Mon, 29 Jun 2009, Steve Tinney wrote:

> We use various kinds of bracketing in Assyriological transliterations, including
> square brackets for broken text which can be restored.  I think that there
> should be a non-container version of <supplied> to use for this, <suppliedSpan>
> so it can work smoothly with <w>.

Obviously there's a use case for this element. Are ther other members of
the transcriptional element group

for which the lack of a corresponding xxxSpan element is a problem?
(Currently there are addSpan, damageSpan, and delSpan only.)

> And, by the by, in trying to work around the lack of <suppliedSpan> by using an
> <anchor> for the start of a sequence and a <ptr> for the end, I found that
> <ptr> is not allowed inside a <w> element, but I don't see why.

Is the need for this strong enough that it should be submitted as a
Feature Request? I think that the guiding principle behind the content
models of <w>/<m>/<c> was to keep the contents to elements representing
linguistic phenomena so far as possible. But obviously <w> does contain
a lot of elements outside that category.

> I also noticed in passing that in
> the
> note at the end references <delSpan> where it presumably intends <damageSpan>.

Corrected in P5 source, will show up on at next release.

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