Dear Marion,

not sure what you mean by digital manuscript edition, but I'll try a guess.

If you are interested in digital facsimile, a very good list can be found here:  (Online Facsimile section)

If you are interested on editions of manuscripts with transcriptions then here is a short list of what pop up in my mind:

    * Anglo Saxon Charters
    * Archimedes Palimpsest
    * The Auchinleck Manuscript. David Burnley and Alison Wiggins, eds.
    * Le Cartulaire blanc de Saint-Denis  [French only]
    * De Casu Ciʒaris Dutis Regis Iabin
    * Codex Sinaiticus
    * Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
    * Henry III Fine Rolls
    * Language of Landscape
    * Medieval Islamic Views of the Cosmos: the Book of Curiosities
    * St Gall Monastery Plan
    * Histoire et archéologie des mondes chrétiens et musulmans médiévaux, CNRS Lyon [French and Latin only]
    * Skaldic Project [Includes low-quality images and detailed statements of editorial principle]

I'm sure there are many others that those I quote, but before I add more it is perhaps better if you give us some more details on which quind of editions you are mostly interested.


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sorry for cross posting on other lists,

Does anybody have a list a few projects (+ links) of digital manuscripts edition that are working with TEI (or adapted TEI) please?

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