Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> We use TEI to write common-or-garden web pages; for each page
> we record a publication date (when the document was written) and
> an editon date (when it was last noticeably revised).
> I now want to record a status (eg "frozen", "expired", "checked")
> for each page, and I am sore pressed to find a simple container for my
> data.
> What would others do? I am half-inclined to a local attribute:
>    <editionStmt>
>      <edition ox:status="expired">2001-06</edition>
>   </editionStmt>
> but even that does not seem 100% semantically correct.
> Ideas?

Presumably a document can be "unexpired" occasionally -- or re-expired 
-- without becoming a new edition? This suggests the status is really an 
aspect of the revisionDesc. So you could do

<change when="2009-06">expired</change>
<change when="2001-06">last updated</change>

This still doesn't allow you to constrain the possible values of course, 
  which is presumably why you'd rather have a local attribute though you 
don't say so.

Alternatively, you could use secret codes for your @n values on edition 
I suppose (if the @n value starts with X it's an expired edition... OK, 
no that is disgusting and I apologise for even mentioning it)