Hi Laurent,

Laurent Romary wrote:
> I have been using (perhaps abusively) <revisionDesc> to record the 
> publication stages of a journal paper. How do you feel with:
> <revisionDesc>
> <change when="2007-11-22">Submitted</change>
> <change when="2008-11-04">Revised</change>
> <change when="2009-02-17">Accepted</change>
> </revisionDesc>

The problem with this is that most of us have more detailed revision 
information cataloguing lots of changes in the <revisionDesc>, and these 
don't necessarily intersect with the document status. I don't much care 
when the document changed from proofing to published; but I do care when 
(possibly after publication) an erratum was corrected. I think on 
reflection that the revisionDesc is actually not the place for the 
document status.


Martin Holmes
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