Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> so unless we add <label> to model.phrase, slightly
> back to the drawing board of @status or @label on <edition>

I much prefer @docStatus to @status or @label; it seems clearer. I see 
no reason why it shouldn't be potentially useful inside <biblStruct>, 
too. That would solve one small issue I have with 
<biblStruct>/<biblFUll>/<bibl> and <title>:

title/@level has values a, m, j, s, and u.

The last is "unpublished", which, it seems to me, actually refers to the 
document status; that's surely different from the document _type_, which 
is what a, m, j and s refer to. It would be very useful to be able to say:

...<title level="m">Title of thesis</title>

...<edition docStatus="unpublished">...</edition>

so it's clear that it's a full-length monograph, but not published.

So I think it's fine to have @docStatus available on <edition> wherever 
it appears, but the Guidelines would probably give most 
info/guidance/examples with reference to its use in the teiHeader.


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