Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> stuart yeates wrote:
>> The nearest I've come to a sane version number is a cross product of 
>> document version, code version and original URL.
> don't you want to specify software version and document
> version separately? in words: "this epub version was created
> from version 2.3 of the document by version 5.4 of the tei2epub
> software on date xxxx-yy-zz"

I'm not sure what I need, we're still to test our ebooks on a physical 
ebook device, just in validators / simulators so far.

> is your tei2epub software in a state for others to use?

The gist is ridiculously simple: you use a cocoon zip serialiser and 
serialise your document (after conversion to XHTML1.1) into the zip, 
along with a manafest, a table of contents, a mimetype and a random (but 
fixed) glob of XML describing namespaces.

I'm currently in a dither of indecision about how to handle images, but 
I think I'll be using absolute URLs back to our website (which means 
that those without an internet connection don't see images). Mainly 
because a 1000 page illustrated encyclopedia gets big pretty fast if you 
include images. An 182M ebook kind of defeats the purpose.

If I've not uploaded the stylesheet to the wiki by the end of the week, 
feel free to prod me.

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