The Java update we've all just installed on our Macs, however, is a 
critical update that fixes a months-old but grave security hole in both 
Firefox and Safari. This update only appeared yesterday, and I really 
wouldn't recommend anyone delay installing it just to get Vesta working. :-|

DH, for those who aren't sure, is the Digital Humanities conference in 
Maryland next week. Elena's paper is on Wednesday at 0900 EDT (fyi!). 
(Having had a sneak preview of it on Monday, I strongly recommend anyone 
with an interest in textual markup to be there.)


Laurent Romary a écrit :
> Hi Elena,
> Looking at an old thread I had with Arno Mittelbach, I came accross an issue concerning the version of Java you are using. I am on J2SE 5.0 32 bits if it helps. I rememeber having a similar problem some time ago which solved itself after an automatic Mac OS update...
> Laurent

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