Syd Bauman wrote:
> To whom should problems with Vesta be sent? Here? Directly to
> Sebastian? Post at

well, not the later if you want me to read it :-}
ideally, to the bug or feature request trackers on

> In any case, whenver I run Vesta set to read a P5 file and transform
> to either default/docx or iso/docx, whether the 1.0.5 or 1.0.8 Mac
> binary, I get the same error:
>     Error: Could not create docx file: Could not load docx template

puzzling. it worked for me when I test it before release (I
admit its not a matter of daily use for me). I shall look
again for the new release this weekend

> I've checked, and that file exists, but when I try to open it (in
> NeoOffice), I get a general input/output error.

that is deliberately not a valid Word document,
by the way. well, not "deliberately", but consciously. There
is a mangling stage to get to that format from a normal docx.

> But in fact I'd like to run a conversion on 1600 files at once, in
> which case Vesta's user interface is quite an impediment. I found
> that just executing
> on the files also results in an error, but that may well be because
> it isn't intended to work stand-alone, or needs some parameter or
> some such.

indeed it does.

what you need to do is grab the Stylesheets package
(from Subversion, until I to do a new release tomorrow), and then
you'll find two shell scripts, "teitodocx" and "docxtotei", which
implement the full workflow. eg

   teitodocx --profile=iso foo.xml

to process with the ISO template, or

   teitodocx --odd foo.odd

to include an ODD preprocessor, or

   docxtotei foo.docx

to generate TEI from Word.

Not very well documented, all of this, but a little creative reading
of the scripts will show what it does.

We hope in the next month to have a web service available
to manage these conversions. You can certainly expect much
more activity in this area over the coming months.
Sebastian Rahtz
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