The family of XSL stylesheets which I maintain for the
TEI Consortium has been updated to version 5.21, available
from Sourceforge and as Debian packages on

As usual, there are many changes, but almost all are
bug fixes, cleanups and enhancements to ODD processing.
One addition which amuse some is a start on
handling the msdescription module.

The package includes a parallel set of stylesheets
in XSLT 2.0, which will be the focus of all future
development. After this release, I expect the XSLT 1
and XSLT 2 versions to diverge, as I will not add
new functionality to the XSLT 1 family.

There are also many updates to the transformations
between TEI XML and Microsoft Word's OOXML
format. Expect more enhancements to this in the coming
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