The TEI Guidelines have been updated to version 1.4.0, available
now from Sourceforge and as Debian packages on The release
will be on the TEI web site later today.

This release contains the following substantive changes

  * The chapter on
   Certainty and Responsibility has been revised extensively,
   introducing a new element (<precision>) for markup of
   numerical precision, and an entirely new mechanism for
   defining the scope of uncertainty, based on XSLT match
  * A new element <pc> (punctuation character) has been added to the 
Analysis and
   Interpretation module, permitting the explicit markup of
   punctuation. The discussion of punctuation markup in the Core elements
   chapter was substantially revised (2372570).
  * New elements <constraintSpec> and <constraint>
   were introduced to the Tag Documentation module as a means of formally
   documenting  constraints on an element's content or usage additional to
   those of its content model (1933198).
  * A new generic <dim> element and associated class were
   added to support all kinds of measurements; content model of
   <dimensions> was relaxed to allow any mixture of dimensional
   specifications, but constrained to forbid repetitions (2594174).

Over this period, a number of  pervasive editorial changes were made:

  * All examples have been given an explicit language code,
   wherever possible, and some missing bibliographic references were added.
  * Some further changes were made to extend support for Korean and 

  * The G8 (AFNOR) group updated a very large number of  French translations
   to the reference documentation.

Other significant changes made are listed briefly below in date order. 
further discussion of the change is available in the SF bug tracker,
the ticket number is indicated in parentheses.

  * 2009-06-17: Allow <place> and <listPlace> as
   children of <settingDesc>, for consistency with
   <particDesc> (2779741)
  * 2009-06-09: Add <origPlace> to att.naming for consistency (2510548)
  * 2009-06-05: Corrected error which caused <code>rwa</code> (the code for
   "recommended when applicable")  to be
   mistakenly rendered as "required when applicable" in formatting of the
   Guidelines (2740718)
  * 2009-06-04: Replace the requirement that at least
   <location> appear within a <msIdentifier> by a more
   forgiving set of schematron constraints (2672530)

  * 2009-06-04: Add a missing example to the Verse chapter (2800854)

  * 2009-06-02: Create a free standing feature structure exemplar
  * 2009-06-01: Change data.numeric to permit fractions as a legal value 
  * 2009-05-29: Add new @scope attribute to <rendition> to
   support use of CSS pseudo-elements (2525586)

  * 2009-05-23: Add clarificatory text and revised discussion at
   various points, per SF comments (2763441, 2740718, 2788297, 2777567
   2712046, 2517629, 2744482)
  * 2009-05-12: Change content model for <am> to permit
   pPart.edit elements (2209933)
  * 2009-05-12: Define new class for quotation-like elements
   appearing in <msDescription> (1962972)
  * 2009-05-04: Review and make some  minor changes required by
   Council in the "TEI Tite" ODD exemplar.
  * 2009-04-05: Permit  elements from the model.hiLike class within 
<origDate> (2542813)

Finally, as requested (2728369),  the  HTML
version of the Guidelines has been enhanced so that each element is
linked to a list of all the usage examples given for it throughout the 

Sebastian Rahtz
Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
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