interesting that we all want @docStatus, but don't agree on
whether its a function of <TEI>, <change> or <edition> :-}

For myself, I find Dan's arguments for it being on <edition>
convincing. As he says, a change in status may involve no change
at all; in my case, a document which is untouched for a year
gets its status changed, for example. From the point of view
of easy editing, I also like the information tied to <editionStmt>.

I (personally) am reluctant to use <change> in <revisionDesc>,
as it implies to me that I will keep notes on each change.
In some circumstances, yes, but I'd rather not have the burden[1]
and I find it a bit dishonest to only have one <change> which
I keep updating.

[1] since Subversion is tracking it all for my anyway.

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