Hi Lou,

Lou Burnard wrote:
> I've just realised you could also do all this -- with no need for 
> customization -- by using the <label>  element, which is already 
> available within <edition>, as a sibling of <date>.
> <edition>
>   <date>23 jun 09</date>
>   <label>withdrawn</label>
> </edition>
> So no need for a new attribute. If we do go for a new attribute, we need 
> to remember that it would apply to the status of the document whose 
> edition is being specified -- so for example, @docStatus on an <edition> 
> inside a <sourceDesc> would refer to the status of the source document, 
> not that of its digital version.

This last bit confuses me. What we need is a way of specifying the 
status of a born-digital document, which has no external source. I was 
assuming that <edition> would appear as a child of <editionStmt>, which 
would be the second component in the <fileDesc>, as explained in the 


However, when I try to add this to one of my files in that location:

           <date when="2009-06-06"></date>

I get an error stating that <label> is not allowed. <label> is in the 
core, so the error can't be caused by a missing module in my schema. Am 
I misunderstanding something here?

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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Half-Baked Software, Inc.
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