stuart yeates wrote:

> The gist is ridiculously simple: you use a cocoon zip serialiser and 
> serialise your document (after conversion to XHTML1.1) into the zip, 
> along with a manafest, a table of contents, a mimetype and a random (but 
> fixed) glob of XML describing namespaces.

ah, thanks, good to know. I'll start experimenting too.

> I'm currently in a dither of indecision about how to handle images, but 
> I think I'll be using absolute URLs back to our website (which means 
> that those without an internet connection don't see images). Mainly 
> because a 1000 page illustrated encyclopedia gets big pretty fast if you 
> include images. An 182M ebook kind of defeats the purpose.

arent epub books the sort of thing I want to read
on my iPod on the train or in bed? I'd be surprised to have
to use the net to get images. if its 182M, does that
suggest the images are too high resolution?

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