[I am just finishing up the first phase of creating a TEI conversion from the
XML formats we use on several corpus-building projects which edit cuneiform
texts, and there are just a few things which either I don't see how to encode
in the best way, or (perhaps) could be handled a bit better in TEI (though in
general the conversion has been straightforward and TEI P5 is really
impressive).  For the curious, I have started a page documenting (albeit
briefly) the main points of the conversion at

where all of the `issues' I have encountered are mentioned; I'm going to bring
each of the issues to the list in its own thread.]

So, issue #1...

We use various kinds of bracketing in Assyriological transliterations, including
square brackets for broken text which can be restored.  I think that there
should be a non-container version of <supplied> to use for this, <suppliedSpan>
so it can work smoothly with <w>.

And, by the by, in trying to work around the lack of <suppliedSpan> by using an
<anchor> for the start of a sequence and a <ptr> for the end, I found that
<ptr> is not allowed inside a <w> element, but I don't see why.

I also noticed in passing that in the
note at the end references <delSpan> where it presumably intends <damageSpan>.