Thanks a lot for this answer... which makes me take table context into 
account too.

Said that, there's another question about the logical structure of the 

It concerns the first occurrence of the title, marked up in a <head> 
In the example, I put it as a child of the <list>. But it seems it could 
also / as well (?) be considered as a child of the parent <div>... ?

What's the best choice in your point of view ? Or what would be the 
criterions to consider for the decision-making ?

It may be important to say that one of the objectives of the project is 
to manipulate the items outside of the list (in lists of search results 
for example) or to provide collations lists (items extracted from 
differents lists)...

Syd Bauman a écrit :
> Quick reply ...
>> Would it be ok to encode that folio like the simplified code below ?
>> <div type ="compilation">
>>     <pb type ="recto" />
>>        <list type ="quotes">
>>              <head>Exaltation du bas</head>
>>              <item 
>> n="1"><cit><quote><bibl><biblScope/></bibl></quote></cit></item>
>>              <item 
>> n="2"><cit><quote><bibl><biblScope/></bibl></quote></cit></item>
>>              <item 
>> n="3"><cit><quote><bibl><biblScope/></bibl></quote></cit></item>
>>      <pb type ="verso" />
>>              <fw type="header" place="top-left">Exaltation du bas</fw>
>>              <item 
>> n="4"><cit><quote><bibl><biblScope/></bibl></quote></cit></item>
>>              <item 
>> n="5"><cit><quote><bibl><biblScope/></bibl></quote></cit></item>
>>     </list>
>> </div>
> I think so. This is almost exactly what the WWP does with this
> phenomenon. The following is adapted from our internal documentation: 
>     Headings at page or column breaks in tables and lists: these are
>     headings which repeat the main heading for a column in a list or
>     table, occasioned by a page or column break in the middle of the
>     list. So for instance in a list of expenses, with headings
>     "Date", "Item", and "Price", if the list continues after the page
>     break these headings will in all likelihood be repeated. We
>     encode these repeated headings with <fw type="listHead">. Each
>     heading is encoded within a separate <fw>.

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