We've started to generate .epub format ebooks, and would like some
feedback from people who use .epubs on mobile devices or in other contexts.

The epubs we're generating are essentially fragments of our website,
including aspects such as pagination, formatting, metadata and
thumbnails (but not full images, to save on the download size).

We're interested in feedback from those who read epubs on devices and
those who read epubs on their desktops; experienced epub users and those
using for the first time. We're interested in both the specific
questions asked (see below), your general impressions and comparisons
between or epubs and those you might be used to reading.

If you aren't yet equipped to read epubs but would like to be, check out and find one that
suits you predilections.

Please don't bookmark, catalogue or archive these epubs. Almost
certainly they're fatally flawed in ways I've not noticed yet and once
they're ready they'll be appearing as an alternative format accessible
via the standard cataloguing tools. They represent a re-purposing of
existing content rather than new content.

These examples are listed in roughly simplest to most complex, if the
first couple of epubs fail for you, the last couple almost certainly will.


1) How are you reading your epub? (Device brand/model or operating
system  / browser / website)

2) Do you consider yourself an experienced reader of ebooks?

3) Do you use any DAISY accessibility software? Our epubs include DAISY
tables of contents are we'd love to hear whether they work.


Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman’s Destiny by Sir. Julius Vogel
*) Does the book load and is it readable?
*) Do the cover and frontispiece images appear in a sane manner
(probably on the second and third pages)
*) Are there a variety of links on the opening page back to our website?
*) Do these links work?

Erewhon: or Over the Range by Samuel Butler
*) Does the book load and is it readable?
*) Do the links on the internal table of contents work for you?
*) Do the accents in last word of the "Preface to the First Edition"
appear as they should (they meant to be breves).
*) Are there any missing metadata items?

[Notice to advise the establishment of a pound for stray animals] by
Governor Hobson
*) In the text, are there spaces in this form letter? I.e. "...wakamine
ki           i te           o nga ra o           i te tau..."

Nga Korero o te Hui o te Whakakotahitanga i tu ki te Tiriti o Waitangi.
Aperira 14, 1892.
*) Does the reader identify this as a non-English text?
*) Is the text presented in a readable font?

The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language by
Francis Dart Fenton
*) Do the links labelled "i roto i te reo Māori" and "ko te tohutoro i
roto i te reo Pākehā" between the two parallel texts work
*) Are any of the macrons mangled?

Moko; or Maori Tattooing by Major-General Robley
*) This work features numerous newspaper-cutting additions, which
probably appear as 2-5 pages of underlined text before the title page.
Do these appear? Is the text underlined, bold or otherwise distinct?
*) Are there any warnings or errors about the quality of the XHTML in 
this epub?

An Epitome of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs and Land
Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand by H. Hanson Turton
*) Does the book load and is it readable?
*) Does your system slow down or become hard to use on epubs this big

Thank you very much for you time. If you are curious as to how thse have 
been produced, check out


Stuart Yeates       New Zealand Electronic Text Centre     Institutional Repository