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Julianne Nyhan wrote:

Just to let you know (because it caused us a bit of confusion here in the Kompetenzzentrum)
that the error reported by Dieter Köhler on 14 Dec 2008 ( <>) still exists. The error is that the ATTLIST declaration on <metDecl> is not valid in the

tei_all.dtd that is available from .

However, when tei_all.dtd is generated with ROMA the error does not occur (the NMTOKENS datatype is to be found here).

I am not sure why that did not get fixed in time for the February 2009
release, but the right behaviour is definitely in place for the forthcoming June 2009 release. I apologize for the small delay
in getting this out, but there was a chance at the last minute
to sort out some interesting material relating to <certainty>,
which seemed worth waiting for.

I now expect to complete the 1.4.0 this weekend.
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