Sally Caves here (under the aegis of Sal Armoniac, or "salt of ammonia." :)

Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language: An Edition, Translation and
Discussion (NY Palgrave-Macmillan 2007) by Sarah Higley is a translation in
English of all 1012 words recorded in two extant manuscripts (Riesencodex
Wiesbaden and Berlin MS).

1) Only a few copies were damaged; the rest I received are complete, Alex,
thank god.

2) It is a list of nouns only, and there are no verbs or function words,
much less a grammar.

3) There is one use of H's invented words in an antiphon that I examine at
length: "O orzchis ecclesia" found in both the Riesencodex and the Stuttgart
Hildegard MS.  the meanings are glossed in Latin in both versions, with a
few variations.

4) An edition of the words and translations as they appear in order in the R
in an appendix. I also put the words in alphabetical order. The rest of the
book is an examination of invented languages from ancient to contemporary
times, with a fifth chapter on conlanging.  There is an extensive chapter on
the manuscripts themselves, and theories about Hildegard's invention.

All best,

Thanks Sai