RoseRose wrote:
> there's a big difference methinks between moveable type and printing, and
> the impression of marks or pictures on clay.  cunieform of course.  would
> that be the earliest?  meaningful marks pressed into clay.

Cuneiform is _not_ the same thing as the printing of the glyphs on the 
Phaistos disk.

Cuneiform writing was done by using a pen/stylus or whatever you like to 
call it, i.e. the same idea as using a pen or pencil on paper. The 
stylus was used to make small wedge shaped strokes. The combination of 
these strokes formed different characters. If you were bored you could 
use your stylus just to doodle on the clay   ;)

The impressions on the Phaistos disk are altogether different. The 
writer had a set of 45 stamps made, I guess, of wood. He/she seems to 
have marked out the spirals with a stick or pointer and then stamped the 
different characters onto the clay, marking the ends of words (or 
phrases) with a line.

> still think it has something to do with pizza or gigh speed pizza delivery.
> (see glyphs)  ;--}

More likely than many of the ludicrous "translations" that have been 
made    :)

"Ein Kopf, der auf seine eigene Kosten denkt,
wird immer Eingriffe in die Sprache thun."
[J.G. Hamann, 1760]
"A mind that thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language".