Hi all.

It looks like we'll be going through with the idea of having a book à
la "proceedings of the Language Creation Conference" - semiformal
essays / chapters by LCC presenters reasonably related to the topic of
their presentation(s).

(As I put it to them: "formal" as in suitable to an academic
publication, "semi" as in not so abstruse as to be incomprehensible to
normal people. :-P)

If you'd be interested in helping with:
a) editing (as in copyediting, not cat-herding),
b) publishing (as in typesetting, art, and other pre-printer work, not
getting it printed or on shelves), or
c) reviewing (commenting on the articles, anonymously or not, and
suggesting improvements)

... please email me directly.

I'm guessing it'll 1-2 years before we get it ready to print, so this
is a relatively long-term request.