Is there a specific order to which to keep? E.g. Instinctively I would've
ordered the segunakar in this way:

Which admittedly gives an unpronounceable (for Khangathyagon speakers
anyway, presumably) cluster near the end and a sequence of two identical
vowels further front.


2009/6/1 Peter Bleackley <[log in to unmask]>

> Jörg once compared the Khangaþyagon noun system to Dagestanian languages
> after translating it in a relay - for those of you who don't know,
> Khangaþyagon nouns can combine segunakar (suffixes) in various complex ways
> to form fine distinctions of meaning, eg
> hirriltar zerrishar magyeissgrigur
> hirr-i-lt- ar zerrish-ar mag- ye- iss- gri-  gu- r
> fly- 2-imp-pl bird-   pl tree-voc-near-above-via-pl
> May birds fly just over the tops of you trees.
> (Rather arbitrary example made up to show how many segunakar you can get on
> one noun)
> Pete