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>Kelvin Jackson skrev:
>> Ktezlevĺ žalâs xo tkô.
>> Cats please me as well.
>> Du sak žalâs tkne.
>> I have four cats.
>Li get pliacen aosí mai.
>Cats please me too.
>Sauriademen jo hau une anzniade chi es alérgeche,
>Unfortunately I have a stepdaughter who is allergic
>donc no puodem havair eun get.
>thus we can't have cats.

Nabas tata mjaaiwin aujnil.
another person-0-NsA cat-PL pleasant-apN-1sA-ST.
I'm fond of cats too.

Baa Sai ta hu kutha tudanaaias bubugindau.
now S. ST TOP.A take-hsN-NsA house-one-inside-asA-ST ITER-continue-1sN-isA-ST.
I only live with one now; it's Sai's.  

Karakhwitais hu phuibi.  
mind-nimble-NsA-ST TOP.A animal-0-3sA-ST.  
A bright cat he's not.  

Sanniaj lagiduadis gi tathagumgar mia sannijdaj, us hiru puhigar jawtu.
door fold-place-isA-ST ADP ITER-scratch-on-asN-isA VOL
let-through-asN-isA-ST, but EXPER-ST correct-asN-isA many-ipA-ST.
He always scratches at the hinge side of the door wanting to open it, even
though he's done it the right way many times before.

_Alf_ dadalsadam niu bar ba danu in gi badis hira gandaw, naadin khas ba
hiram dadasun.
Alf show-all_over-hpN-isA-ST lasting-ST stop-isA at_time only 1sg ADP
seasons EXPER-ST four-around-ipA, so no at_time EXPER-ST
They stopped showing Alf when I was only four, so I never became familiar
with it.

Khal auuil.  Mjaaiwin kuagi thiu sjawiar njuunram.
IRR good-isN-ST.  cat-PL really IRR eat-ipA-ST nauseate-isA-1sN-ST. 
Maybe it's for the better.  I'd find actually eating cats revulsive.