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> Rhodray au Borgonzay es parliad en Borgonze, un
> paes situad en el est de Gaugle en une ligne de
> temp parallel clamiade "Lucus".
> Rhodrese or Burgundese is spoken in Borgonze
> (Burgundy), a country situated in eastern Gaul in
> an alternative timeline called "Lucus".

Én'i ne dáviln ne riyevonjeni done daromath sarsharídim,
I find it interesting that I can understand Romance conlangs,

eg'ún vep'(kyar) llashávonjeni done daspanyash k'.
which is because I can (sort of) speak Spanish.

Cachya kr'lajiv dotréshad. Chi'jhei. :)
Translation is almost unnecessary. Pretty cool. :)


Interlinear here: