PIRINDERANG - The 'old way', the name for the native religion speakers of Yingdilah practise. 

TANGUR - The infinate, immanent and transcendent ultimate reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being and everything beyond in the Universe. Tangur creates through the medium of the four elemental deities.

OANG - The resonant creative energy that vibrates through the universe, it resonates at various levels all of which emanate through the four elements and separate into masculine and feminine forms, causing gender to form.

DEWA - The personal deity to whom one addresses prayers. Dewa is the cosmic reflection of the personal soul and is a direct manifestation of Tangur. Dewa is the perfect cosmic individual and is identifies as the true self.

PERIWARIS - The family ancestral deity. Individuals are believed to join the Periwaris when they pass away. Daily offerings are made to the ancestors which are believed to reside with the Periwaris.

JEGJIWA - The spirit of place (genius) believed to reside in most natural places such as trees, hills, lakes, rivers, fields etc... Offerings are made each month to the Jegjiwa and natural places are sanctified by the presence of red ribbon-like flags.

BERIANG - Annual ceremonial festivals in honour of village deities (extensions of Jegjiwas and Periwaris). 

YANGIS, PANGGIS, AWIS and BUMIS - The four elemental deities, fire, water, air and earth respectively. 

PUJDAN - Shrines set up in homes or in temples to honour the ancestral or village deities. In homes photographs of relatives that have passed away are placed on the pujdan and incense, a flame, water and flowers are placed on the pujdan as well as the daily offerings (a portion of the meals). The individual places the offerings on the pujdan and then bows with their hands pressed together, this act is called Puja. 

PENDANDA - A priest based in the community temple but who regularly visits holy sites and people's homes to perform rituals. The pendanda is born into a priestly family and can be male or female. 

DERANGKEDAH  - The community temple built in honour of village ancestral deities and spirits of place. They are usually outside the village near a hill, river, lake, forest or field. In cities they can be anywhere but are usually set in grounds. 
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