On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 12:35 AM, Jim Henry <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Is there something in between for quoting a phrase that's grammatical
> as far as it goes, but not a complete sentence?

As Philip says you can quote just a noun phrase as an utterance.
Other than that I might recommend using "li'o", which marks omitted
text, for instance I would accept "lu le mlatu cu li'o li'u" = "the
cat did ..." (even though "le mlatu cu" on its own is ungrammatical),
though I'm not actually sure whether that parses under the traditional

> > and "djisku"
> > (desire+express, to have wanted to say something, to have meant to have said
> > something).
> Why the past tense gloss here?

Hmm, well by far the most common use of "djisku" is to say either
"oops, this is what i meant to say" or "hey, you made a mistake there,
this is what you meant to say".  Like all Lojban words it's basically
untensed, but it does tend to have a quality of accidentalness, so it
would sound strange to me to say "mi ba djisku" = "I will mean to
say", as if I'm planning to misspeak.

la stela selckiku