I will have to see what timing we choose, and how my schedule looks, but
I'd love to write a story in Alurhsa.  I've done a couple already, but
nothing over 15-20 pages handwritten.  Not sure what that works out to
in actual word counts.

One of the stories, something I wrote for a mythology course I was
taking where we had to write the Myth about our life journey, is
available as PDF.  The Alurhsa version was written first, then I
translated it into English for the class (and handed both in, with
appropriate explanations of what they were and why I did it that way, in

The Alurhsa one is handwritten and in the Alurhsa script, so the PDFs
are images making that file rather large (2MB+) where the other is typed
and small (60K or so).

But I'd love to do that sort of thing again.

Arthaey Angosii wrote:
> Has anyone here ever contemplated trying NaNoWriMo* _in_ their
> conlang? With a more "sane" goal -- say, a 5000-word story instead of
> 50,000. ;) The idea intrigues me, but part of the fun of NaNoWriMo is
> that there are a bunch of other crazies working toward the same absurd
> goal at the same time. Might there be enough interest here for a
> Conlang NaNo?
> It looks like there was some brief interest in translating the first 3
> pages of the Hobbit back in 2006, but it doesn't look like anything
> came of it:
> --
> AA
> *