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>[Trying again; the unual tie-in with the listserv threw me for a loop.
Apologies for any duplicates.]

Are you using the Yahoo group interface?  We consider it deprecated; there's
no one who can administrate it anymore.  Better to use the listserv: .

> I almost can't believe it... I had the EXACT same idea this week, but
haven't decided whether to go for it. Definitely going to have to take a
look at what you've done.

Very cool.  Looking forward to your comments, then, and seeing anything you
come up with.  

> I'm also looking at using a lot of ASL grammar for my newly
re-re-restarted conlang project.

Yeah, ASL's inflections have curious manifestations (for a spoken language)
in my system: for instance, person agreement mostly replaces a consonant of
the stem with person consonants; aspect is entirely supersegmentals and
length and such things.  'Twould be interesting for an ordinary spoken
language to do that sort of stuff.