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> As usual, I suggest doing this Saturday at ~11am PST, as it
> seems to
> be a reasonable time for almost everyone. 

If this is on the first Saturday of the month at 1pm CST, I won't be able to participate since I'm my Saturday services aren't usually finished until around 1:30 and then I often help with or even teach the beginners dance class which is on the first shabbat.  (I'm not Jewish, but I attend a Jewish congregation; however, you are excluding any observant Jews from ever participating by scheduling this event always on shabbat.)

> So:
> a) what days / schedule? How about e.g. every 1st Saturday
> of the month?

See above.

> b) what IRC network / channel? oftc supports chanserv &
> therefore is
> proof against takeovers; freenode is more popular...

I've been online for well over a decade and have never once in all that time used IRC, so I'd have to figure out the tech involved.

> c) what topic for the first (next) one? I'd pose something
> that's a
> question or other prompt so people come having something to
> share.

It's not likely that this group will stick very closely to whatever topic is chosen.  Giving directives to this group is rather like doing so with a Mensa group -- you're better off trying to herd cats.

> d) you in?

I'm not likely to be able to.

> Thanks,
> - Sai