On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 4:57 AM, Peter
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> staving Jim Henry:
> After a previous debate on "ic" and "ical", I realised that these aren't
> actually productive mophemes in English.

Except in wordplay, of course - I believe I've seen "felonical" used
in lieu of the adjective sense of "felony", for instance, but the only
Google hit for it is in French.

It's often the case that both the -ic and -ical forms have been
attested for almost the same period of time, but one came to dominate
the other.  It would have sounded like Ms. Morisette was being even
sillier than she actually was if she'd sung "Isn't It Ironical?", but
that would have been the normal form in the 19th century.

Others have just the one form in mainstream use; I don't think anyone
has historically referred to "symphonical" music.  Nonetheless the
word has about 12000 Ghits.

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