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> While some languages eschew swear words, I think they're one of the
> greatest parts of English. How can you possibly top "fuck"? It's so
> flexible and effective.
> I'm curious about the swear words people have come up with for their
> conlangs, how they're used, and what they mean, and maybe how they
> came to be.
> Anyone have any they'd like to share?

Well, er, um...

I'm not much for swearing, but I felt that languages will acquire words like
that one way or another. So far the Qakwan lexicon shows:

   - *ponei* = *manure; feces; shit*

   - *konkau* = *to copulate with; to fuck*

"ponei" doesn't carry quite as visceral a load (sorry) as "shit" does in
English. "konkau", on the other hand, is considered pretty vulgar, but isn't
used merely as an intensifier (as in "WTF!")... yet. As young, modern
Qakwani are exposed more to the outside world, who can say what usages will
develop? Maybe they will borrow the Quebecois curse "chalise!" as "qalisei"!