David Peterson wrote:

> Based on the conventional definition, I can think of one.  It's not
> too dissimilar from English, in fact.  From Sathir:
> "yuli ur" (orthographic approximate)
> juli ur
> /be.happy not/
> "yuli'r"
> julir
> /be.happy-not/
> Not sure about the rules on where it can and can't contract...
> Have to work with it awhile to see what's up.

I'm looking more for the ones that don't seem to follow a pattern 
like "ain't", French "du", German "ins" or even Russian "net'" 
(actually a contraction of "ne+est'").

A lot of the ones in French are really just phonotactics at work. 
  The English "-n't" only occurs with certain words.  That's more 
along the lines of what I'm thinking about.  Contraction made from 
very specific words.

I'm looking to maybe put some into Deini and so I'm fishing for 
ideas to see what others are doing.  Thinking of maybe having some 
words which are taken from contracted phrases.