In the description of the book, the author seemed to be combining the ideas
of artlanging and auxlanging (I recall something like  "you can have a
language that does away with all the exceptions etc. of a natlang").  I
found that an interesting approach to simplify conlanging.

This resource doesn't seem terribly useful to us, but if it gets someone who
ordinarily wouldn't conlang to give it a try, then that's worth something.

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> > This is not meant as a spam-- I've not read her book or bought her
> course,
> > but do think that this might interest others on the conlang list who are
> This book was mentioned twice before in discussions here (May 2008 and
> August 2008); both times unfavorably, but not by people who had read
> the book, only reporting third-hand unfavorable comments they'd heard
> elsewhere.
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