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>> Interestingly, in my social circles as well as personally, "flighty" is in
>> current use. By contrast, I have never heard of "balky" before.
> IME, "balky" is used primarily of horses, secondarily of baseball pitchers. :-)

Just for fun, here are the five occurrences of forms of "balk" in the
Brown Corpus:

The education bill appears to be temporarily stalled in the Rules
Committee, where two Northern Democratic members who usually vote with
the Administration are balking because of the religious controversy.

But it is tradition rather than the record which balks at the
expunging of the Tammany name.

He was a political maverick, a reformer with his own program,
determined to bulldoze it through or to blazon the infamy of those who
balked him.

Macklin balked again, not wanting to unlock and open the door.

This could be told chiefly from a sort of head-tossing and prancing, a
horselike balkiness of demeanor.


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