On Jun 25, 2009, at 2:02 AM, Roger Mills wrote:

> I would have guessed that Japanese anime might be a source of  
> conlangs, as another respondent said. How would one get info of  
> those? Is there a "Google-Japan" or a Google-China etc. devoted  
> solely to those countries, in the local languages? Can anyone access  
> them, if they exist?

You mean like ?  ;)

It looks like 人工言語 (jinkou gengo) is the accepted translation  
for "conlang". This search人工言語&btnG=Google+検索 

gets 692,000 hits.

So yeah, it looks like they're out there.  ;)

(I wouldn't fault Okrent too severely ... she probably doesn't speak  
any Asian languages. And besides, in a world where Chomsky holds sway,  
linguists don't need to have a working knowledge of anything but  
English, right? :)

(I'm reading her book at the moment as well.)