Okaikiar uses the instrumental to mean "according to", so for a ranked
comparison I would just give the ordinal (which are verbs meaning "to
be first", etc) modified by the appropriate noun in that case.

An example, demonstrating my poor interlinear skills:

That is the second-highest building in the city.
Rir imzard riro dørziar nøroz kailink.
rir imz-ard rir-o dørz-i-ar nør-oz kail-ink
DEF city-LOC DEF-yon build-PASSIVE-AGENT two-1sg tall-INS.
The city-in that thing-which-is-built twos by to-be-tall.

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> On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 8:04 PM, Mechthild Czapp<[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Clarify what 'comparisons' means?
>> Well, the comparative and superlative forms... but other languages also
>> have comparatives and superlatives which go 'downwards' (good, better,
>> best is upwards, good, less good, least good is downwards) -- or more than
>> the usual 3 (5 if you go downwards) forms (Rejistanian goes over the top
>> with 14 postpositions for this).
>> CALS has some info on this but not to a level, I would like. It is
>> interesting to me what others came up with here since I wonder whether the
>> Rejistanian system (which came from 2001 when I had even less of a clue
>> than I do now) is needlessly compley or just ANADEW.
> Take a look in the list archives for the "Comparison of adjectives"
> thread from April 2006.   Ithkuil, not surprisingly, has the most
> thorough comparative morphology of any conlang I know of, and John
> Quijada posted a longish set of examples in that thread.
> I'm presently working on rewriting the section of the gzb grammar on
> comparatives.  One issue I haven't quite figured out thoroughly yet is
> how to do qualified comparatives, like "one of the most X Y's" or "the
> Nth most X Y", e.g. "one of the tallest buildings" or "the
> second-youngest child".   I'm pretty sure this last (is "ranked
> comparison" a good term? or is there something more standard?) is
> going to use different morphology than other comparatives in gzb.
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> Jim Henry

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