Roger Mills wrote:

> (Actually, "monolingual conlanger" may be a contradiction in terms--
> since in most of the cases I can think of, it's contact with/
> awareness of another language that activates the conlanging gene
> ((That might be an interesting question to include in a future
> survey??))  But it's a sweeping generalization, since we do know
> about e.g. twins' creating private languages, schoolkids' private
> codes etc. even if they're probably just relexes.)

Well, I know a little about various different languages, but not enough 
to participate in a non-English mailing list. I've been making up 
strange words as long as I can remember, but I've been aware of other 
languages ever since Sesame Street made occasional usage of Spanish. I 
don't know which came first. It wasn't until the late 1970's that I 
started making languages.

> I would have guessed that Japanese anime might be a source of
> conlangs, as another respondent said. How would one get info of
> those? Is there a "Google-Japan" or a Google-China etc. devoted
> solely to those countries, in the local languages? Can anyone access
> them, if they exist?

Google can search by language. You need to have some idea what you're 
searching for, but the Wikipedia "constructed language" page has 
corresponding pages in various languages. Apparently the Japanese phrase 
to look for is 人工言語.

(Before Google I used to use the Japanese version of Yahoo! to try 
(without much success) finding Japanese pages; the list organized by 
categories was helpful.)