Herman Miller wrote:

> I traditionally leave such words untranslated, if I document them at 
> all. Olaetian had ['A:G] which I imagine must have been an expression of 
> frustration, and ['wAz_m]* which was a curse. Being polytheistic, they 
> also had numerous names for divine beings that could on occasion be used 
> for swearing.

[A:G], [A:x] or [A:h] also seem to be what I use for an 
interjection of general frustration.  I haven't yet added them to 
the dictionary but now that the subject has been brought up I 
suppose this would be a good time to include them.

On the contrary, blasphemous terms will be the bulk of Deini's 
religious vocabulary.T  here is no actual term equating directly 
to the word "religion" which would be lumped in with "myþix" 

> ...
> One of the Zireen languages has specific meanings for the few swear 
> words I've documented, based on unpleasant things like disease, torture, 
> and war. Sex-related words never have any negative associations in their 
> culture (typical of the Zireen people in general).

Deini will be roughly the same.  Sexual terminology though some of 
it is from vulgar origins will mostly be technical.  There still 
will be some "dirty" language just to keep it interesting.

> This is an area of vocabulary I haven't had much use for, though. There 
> are so many gaps in my vocabularies.

Deini, though not an auxlang like most of my creations is still 
intended to be a human language with real-world applications so it 
will need to express the same things that natlangs do.