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>> Just wondering if and how anyone is using contractions in their  
>> conlangs.
> Interesting question.  What makes something a contraction and
> not a suffix?  (We'll leave the clitic question aside for the time
> being.)  If it's that it came from another word, what makes the
> future tense in Spanish an inflection series and not a series of
> contractions?

I'd like to know that, too.

I'm actually not clear on what the most salient feature of  
contractions is. Is it that they are blends of (originally) multiple  
morphemes? Or is it that they are missing some sounds that were  
originally there, or their sounds have changed in irregular ways? Is  
the concept of contractions cross-linguistic, or only applicable to  
certain languages?

Also, contractions (as I imperfectly understand them) seem to be  
members of a class of utterances which are shortened or altered by  
allegro speech and/or frequent use. I think other some members of  
that class would be some inflectional affixes (or would a word stem 
+inflectional affixes count as a contraction itself?). These forms  
seem to experience changes which do not fall into the category of  
regular sound change. My question is: what rules or tendencies *do*  
they obey?

ObConlang: When working on diachronic langs, I create various stages  
of regular changes, but then I always struggle with the question of  
how much leeway I have for irregular changes. Some insight from  
natlinguistics would help.

> If it's detachability, I think we have a lot more
> contractions in English than the ol' -n't, -'ll, -'d, -'s, -'ve,  
> and -'m
> (sorry if I missed any).

Which others do you have in mind?

> Based on the conventional definition, I can think of one.  It's not
> too dissimilar from English, in fact.  From Sathir:
> "yuli ur" (orthographic approximate)
> juli ur
> /be.happy not/
> "yuli'r"
> julir
> /be.happy-not/
> Not sure about the rules on where it can and can't contract...
> Have to work with it awhile to see what's up.
> -David
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