Classical Arithide's $0.02:

> A snake sees a mouse
Slēr ismor tiga.
snake.NOM mouse.ACC see.PRFV

> The snake wants to eat the mouse
 Slēreu ismor lydessai.
snake.TOP mouse.ACC eat.DESD

The snake strikes at the mouse
 Slēreu ismor arkōtherai*.
…   …  strike.ATELIC

*Arkōtherai comes from: arkēn (to strike, perfective) + -ō (cohortative) +
-thos (nominaliser) + -erai (intransitive verb productive suffix). This is
not one of the basic forms of the verb that will be shown in a conjugation

The mouse avoids the strike of the snake
Ismeu slērus arkto nubēn.
mouse.TOP snake.GEN strike.ACC evade.PRFV

> The mouse gets away
Ismeu thīmonai.
…  escape.PRFV

> The snake slithers off to look for another mouse
Slēreu antor ismor solātae hissassē piretasenai.
…  other.ACC …  search.GERUND.DAT slitherly slide-open-PRFV*

*Verbs coupled with what literally means "to open" in a special intransitive
form mean "to … away", e.g. vagetasenai = "to go away".