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> > Jim Henry wrote:
> >>
> > Oh, yes but if you're going to bother teaching the
> kids of the world an
> > auxlang, why not just go all out use that as the
> oppotunity to deploy the
> > auxlang instead of teaching them multiple languages.
> Even if that were the goal though you'd have way more
> students
> becoming curious in other languages later on due to knowing
> the
> auxlang, since much of the time you can't just stop with
> one. I'm sure
> we've all noticed how multilingual people almost always
> seem willing
> to learn yet another language whereas monolingual people
> almost never
> seem to get to that first L2.

That depends on the precise situation. *Some* people will find they enjoy learning languages or at least experiencing other cultures more directly, and they will learn other languages if their circumstances permit.  Many or most only learn a language if they must, and an auxlang would nearly eliminate that reason. So language learning in general would probably decline.
> I wrote a bit on this subject the other day:
> The easiest way to see how a worldwide L2 wouldn't result
> in other
> languages losing their use is by looking at the English
> version of a
> country's press compared to its native language - almost
> 100% of the
> time the English version is a watered-down version that
> never really
> imparts the same information. 

But that would match quite well most people's interest level and expectations--we're geared to soundbites and shallow "news."